$34 Million,
Eight-Year Commitment

Hands-on Research at the World’s Top Universities
Over 1,800
Undergraduates to Date

“The Amgen Scholars Program gave me the
chance of a lifetime that would not have
otherwise been available to me.”

Prisma Lopez

Discover Your Potential

Since 2006, we have created transformative and professional learning opportunities for over 1,800 students from 440 colleges and universities across 33 countries.

For undergraduates envisioning a career on the frontiers of biological science and engineering, the Amgen Scholars Program opens a door to the deepest kind of learning and exploration: hands-on, frontline encounters with the demanding process of creating new knowledge. MIT is proud to partner with the Amgen Foundation and the University of Cambridge, UK, to help cultivate and connect a new generation of research leaders.

L. Rafael Reif
President, MIT

Through the Amgen Scholars experience, talented students from many corners of the globe have discovered that a future in science is a challenge worth taking. It has been inspirational to see the Scholars’ joy of learning – and the generosity of those who teach and mentor the new generation of scientists.

Jean Lim Terra
President, Amgen Foundation

2012 Program

In 2012, nearly 4,000 students applied to the Amgen Scholars Program at 13 host institutions in the US and Europe. The Program accepted 334 undergraduates from 166 colleges and universities in 39 US states and territories and 21 European countries.

Alumni Making
an Impact

Nearly 600 Amgen Scholars Program alumni are now in scientific master’s, doctoral, and MD/PhD programs in 151 universities worldwide.*

See what life is like after the program for Trinidad Cisneros, a 2009 University of Washington Scholar.

* As of spring 2013